Things you did not knew

These things are about James. If you thinks some of them are offencive, tell me.
There are cute happenings and not so cute happenings. There are Cute sayings and not so cute sayings.
thanks, enjoy:D

  • JAMES BLUNT once appeared naked for a sex scene in a university student movie.
  • JAMES BLUNT mis-used his days at private school getting sacked from choirs and pulling his trousers down for bets.
  • JAMES BLUNT says, “I still believe in Father Christmas. He always takes a bite out of the mince pie that we leave in the fireplace, and leaves tracks around the house.”
  • JAMES BLUNT said, “We are all going to my sister’s house in Sussex (south England), and will eat lots and drink even more. By the evening we shall all have passed out on the sofa.”
  • JAMES BLUNT and Bono (U2) are going to do a record together.

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